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WEEK 7 – ARTICLE – Rethinking Classroom Management

In order to achieve success in teaching and learning management, it is important to focus on the organisation, the curriculum and the social issues. If we manage to combine these three important aspects for our pupils, we will achieve the perfect learning atmosphere.

Pupils should be aware that there are rules which they have to follow in society, but some rules may seem totally arbitrary for them, so if they negotiate between them, thinking why it should or should not be allowed in class for some issues, and then write them down they will interiorise them and respect them fully. If these rules are written down in a poster and are hanging on the classroom wall, they will be very visible for the students and will therefore be even more effective.

Even though, teachers should be kind to their pupils to maintain a good atmosphere, they also have to be firm in applying the rules of the class.

The curriculum is described as a way to give the children a chance to think critically, to solve problems, to become creative, innovative and to face challenges; whilst managing to engage them with the activities that are needed to be done.

And last but not least, the social issues. They enclose the affection and the understanding as well as the respect, recognition, inclusion, self-esteem, roles and responsibilities that pupils carry with them.

Knowing all this, we should be able to create a good environment around the pupils’ learning space and help them develop values and acquire knowledge as they grow up.

Here I’ve included a blog entry about rethinking classroom management that a primary school teacher wrote and her results in class. It may be interesting to read through to see other points of view and adaptations to real primary school classrooms.

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