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WEEK 5 – ARTICLE – Meeting individual needs.

Differentiation is said to be “an adaptive approach to teaching is responsive to individual differences among learners” in Peter Westwood and Wendy Arnold’s article, but I’d say after reading the article that it is something along these lines:

Differentiation is taking account of children’s background (abilities, knowledge, preferences, interests...).for the student’s success.

In this article we can find interesting differentiated resource materials, examples of some whole group and small group activities and how to make it part of your daily classroom life, and some projects related to computer-supported learning. Also, there’s a part where we can find out about multiple intelligences (MI) and learning styles and preferences.

To achieve a differentiated teaching, it is important to create a nice environment, surroundings and atmosphere, so the students are comfortable to work on their activities, and in their learning process; but not just that, we need support materials that can be useful no matter what are the predominant skills and abilities of our students, the option of our students becoming the main protagonist in the class developing an active and communicative role, etc.

Furthermore, we want our students to become autonomous in their work and in life, so differentiated instruction must provide them the possibility to develop this skill. This can only be achieved if we take into account that every child we have in class is different and has unique skills and needs that we have to work with.

As you may want to have a look at the article, I recommend you to follow this link:

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