jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Week 8 – Multiple Intelligences

Today I was looking for information to show you all in my blog and I ended up taking a MI test, well, sometimes it happens so here are my results:

The scores for my eight intelligences:

(max. 5.00)
Also, they say: “Just because these five are not in your top three doesn’t mean you’re not strong in them. If your average score for any intelligence is above three, you’re probably using that intelligence quite often to help you learn. Take a look at the Practice section to see how to engage all your intelligences.”

Now, if you are interested, you can take the test to know how smart you are:

Gardner used biological as well as cultural research to formulate a list of eight intelligences. This theory states that all eight intelligences are needed to productively function in society. Teachers should therefore think of all intelligences as equally important. They should recognize and teach to a broader range of skills and talents. Another implication of this theory is that they should structure the presentation of material
in a style which engages most or all of the intelligences. Though everyone is born possessing the eight intelligences, students come into the classrooms with different sets of developed intelligences. This means that every learner has a different learning style. This theory therefore provides a theoretical
foundation for recognizing the different abilities and talents of students.

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